Lieto Municipality, Finland

Site area: 120m2
Watershed area: 24 ha

Spatial planning context:

The pilot site is located in a developing industrial area called Avanti. The area has transformed in the last decade to meet the requirements of the logistics sector and other businesses. Nowadays Avanti has high-traffic volumes.

Site-specific stormwater challenge:

Watershed area of the pilot site consists mostly of impervious surfaces such as paved streets and rooftops of industrial halls. Stormwater runoff is drained via stormwater pipeline network, causing high flow rates and velocities, thus creating a risk for the drainage system functionality and capacity. Due to the land use characteristics, contaminants like heavy metals, hydrocarbons and nutrients are often found from the runoff.

Site-specific stormwater solution:

The pilot area is situated near the end of the stormwater pipeline. A connection from the existing stormwater pipe will guide the flow into a bioretention basin through sample well equipped with real-time sensor for water quantity measuring. Filter media and plants are used for the treatment processes and the flow will be discharged via sample well, enabling water samples before and after the treatment.