Project description

The Baltic sea is surrounded by a large drainage area where many anthropological activities lead to nutrients and pollutants ending up in the marine environment. Even though significant efforts have been made to address the largest point sources of pollutants from industrial and agricultural wastewater, the stormwater pollutants and the flow of hazardous substances into the Baltic Sea is still not fully solved. The stormwater treatment solutions and their effectiveness has not yet been measured and there is a knowledge gap between the municipalities around the Baltic Sea.

During the Interreg CB CleanStormWater project pilot sites will be constructed in several locations around the Baltic sea to gain data and knowledge in how to efficiently manage stormwater from urban areas. Methods for real time monitoring of stormwater quantity and quality will also be developed during the project.

The main objective of the Interreg CB CleanStormWater project is to:

  • Design and model technological solutions

  • Assessment of stormwater management solution effectiveness

  • E-monitoring systems for real time water quality management

  • Centralised stormwater solutions

  • Decentralised stormwater solutions


More info coming soon.


The total cost of Project is 1 661 825,73 euros, incl. ERDF support 1 345 373,42 euros and Project Partners┬┤ self-contribution of EUR 316 452,31 euros.