Viimsi Municipality

Viimsi is home to a people with an enterprising spirit whose industriousness has made Viimsi the wealthiest community in Estonia.

Tallinn has become a gateway and front door to Estonia and to Viimsi. Just a 15-minute drive from downtown Tallinn will take you to the completely different world of Viimsi peninsula. This is where land ends and the sea meets the forest. The peninsula is surrounded by romantic islets that have a stunning view of the bright lights of the capital. Picturesque fishing villages and old fishermen’s cottages stand side by side with modern dwellings of the 21st century. This is a magical place where the sun rises from the sea in the morning and sinks into it again in the evening.

Viimsi Municipality has been continuously planning and implementing various storm water systems. In 2016, Viimsi adopted the Development Plan for Storm Water Systems 2016 – 2027, which sets main aims and measures and is a starting point for current Project. The Plan includes all key components of current Project – management quality, monitoring and new technical solutions for detecting and cleaning hazardous substances and toxins in storm water treatment system.

Viimsi has also experience as Lead Partner, in the EU LIFE project UrbanStorm (see also section relevant experience), which has established a good ground for taking the role of Lead Partner in current Project.

Viimsi is currently establishing sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) in a number of sites with the help from LIFE programme-financed project UrbanStorm. Similarly, current project will provide additional important input for reduction of hazardous substances and toxins inflows into the Baltic Sea from the territory of Viimsi.