Turku University of Applied Sciences

Turku University of Applied Sciences is an inspiring community of 700 experts and nearly 10 000 students. The campus areas are located in southwestern Finland, in the city of Turku and in the city of Salo. Turku UAS was founded in 1992 and is one of the biggest universities of applied sciences in Finland. The competence spearheads of Turku UAS include marine technology, digitalization, health promotion and art as a part of a good life. Turku UAS has extensive experience from providing innovative solutions for companies, universities, public organizations as well as individuals.

Water and Environmental Engineering Research Group is one of the 27 research groups in Turku University of Applied Sciences. The group has 15 years expertise on water protection, marine environments, and wastewater treatment. The research and development projects of the group relate to water quality, water restoration and urban planning. Expertise of the group include applied methods and field work as well as policy-based development. The research group carries out national and international RDI projects in close collaboration with authorities, municipalities, companies, research institutes and universities and works as a link between scientific theory and grass root realities. The group has over ten years’ experience on the application of continuous water quality monitoring devices in challenging conditions, from open sea to small ditches and wastewater processes, and develops and designs cost-efficient methods for controlling the nutrient loads of stormwater and agricultural runoff, and for water restoration.

The research group’s facilities are situated in Turku, city known for its beautiful nature, including the river Aura that runs through the city center as well as the beautiful Turku archipelago that opens to the Baltic Sea. The protection of these blue and green corridors is important, so the future generations can also enjoy the beautiful scenery and clean waters.